Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What's On Your Playlist?

Used to be that folks would say: "your favorite radio station's playlist says a lot about who you are." Now, it's more personal and individual (according to SF Chronicle's Benny Evangelista and readers who responded to his article this week):

You are what's on your playlist - Experts say digital music library reflects listener's personality

What's On Jesus' iPod? Pt. II - Readers respond! Ministry, Moby, Metallica and Morphine, and of course, we are all going to hell for this


Mark Patric said...

Stryper...Jesus would have all tracks from the 'To Hell With the Devil' CD on his Ipod, the 'Soldiers Under Command' CD plus the 'In God We Trust' CD. I think his favourite tracks form these CD's would be 'More Than A Man', 'The Writings on the Wall', 'First Love', 'Rock the Hell Out of You', 'Surrender', 'You Won't Be Lonely', of course 'To Hell With the Devil' and 'In God We Trust' and from the 'Against the Law' CD the title track. He'd also be anticipating the new release of 'Reborn' due out August 16th and be listening over and over again to the 'Reborn' clip that's available online at

Jesus definately is into Stryper.

Mark Patric said...
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