Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have You Updated Your Artist Separation Policy Lately?

These five acts account for 36% of Mediabase's Top 100 Power Gold hits:

Kenny Chesney - 10
Tim McGraw - 8
Toby Keith - 7
Rascal Flatts - 6
Keith Urban - 5

Many of us allow "super star" names to play more than once per hour, but if you're rotating the wrong ones too heavily, that may be contributing to listener repetition complaints.

See today's Country Aircheck for the complete list.

Even better, base your local list of "A, B and C acts" and rotational rules on your local listeners' tastes, not just national charts.


Buzz Jackson said...

That's the truth! Nobody ever complains, "hey, you're playing my favorite songs too much!"

Anonymous said...

Notice there's no Taylor or Carrie. As much as we may think Taylor and Carrie are superstars in our format...on the radio...to our listeners...they are not. A solid B act yes, but not an A Act.