Thursday, September 09, 2010

Nielsen: Search Slips, Email and Social Networks Rule Mobile Web Uses

A new view of May's “What Americans Do Online” still shows Email to be, by far, the dominant sector in terms of mobile time, although this dominance shrinks by a few delta points to 38.5% from 41.6%. Search is another that nets out with a smaller share, although by less than a percentage point from 7.1% to 6.3%.

The share held by Social Networking remains very similar but News & Current Events comes out much stronger using the site-level analysis at a 7.2% share of time compared to 4.4% of time using the category-level analysis.

Share of time on Portals shows something more dramatic, with a change from 11.6% to 4.6% share of time, but this doesn’t mean that people are spending any less time on Portal sites, it's just that they are spending a lot more time now on email and social nets, checking out the buzz topics and their friends' status.


Bob Rivers said...

Intune Media has released two iPhone apps featuring "Twisted Tunes" song parodies along with content from "The Bob Rivers Show." Rivers is heard in mornings on KZOK-FM/Seattle and he's making his entire Twisted Tunes Library of over 500 songs available.

This new app features streaming audio from the latest show, video highlights, audio podcasts and Rivers' Twitter feed, among others. The "Plus" version adds deeper access to clips from Bob's Garage recording studio sessions with classic rock bands, and a library of streaming video clips from Spike & the Impalers, the show's classic rock cover band.

In addition to streaming Twisted Tunes Radio, the "plus" version also includes streaming Spike & the Impalers radio and Bob's Garage radio. Both stations are available exclusively on this iPhone app, and contain exclusive content from past and present shows.

NY Daily News said...

Howard Stern may leave Sirius and go the way of the iPhone app.

Treaties that end world wars are signed with less drama than Howard Stern creates around contract negotiations, but his warning that he may leave Sirius satellite and go independent could be more likely than some listeners would think.

Stern's five-year deal with Sirius ends in December.