Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are You Getting As Weary As I Am?

Jerry Del Colliano and Mark Ramsey are both brilliant individuals.

Both guys are longtime friends, whose expertise and access to great information makes them always worthy of paying attention to.

I've attended numerous Del Colliano (4 Bold Media Predictions) presentations over the years, having been an early Inside Radio subscriber.

I continue to rely on and recommend Ramsey's (Get Rid of your Station’s Website) innovative research approaches at man clients. And, of course, "change agents" are rarely welcomed at any time as history.

We humans are seemingly conditioned to resist evolutions and yet are also fascinated by it, as Spencer Johnson's impressive book sales over the last several decades has shown.

There were probably folks who - just like them - told every blacksmith shop around the turn of the last century to change business models immediately and indeed many of the first used car dealers were former horse traders and blacksmith shops, pioneers in a new business which ultimately employed many more people than their old businesses did, but it also turns our that the 'smithing trade can still be a very lucrative business today as well.

Let's vow to look for broader perspectives among the town criers we pay attention to, never ignoring warnings of impending falling skies, but also holding onto every existing audience and revenue source as long as possible too.

Suggestion: keep reading those negative soothsayers, but also add Edison Research, RAB, NAB, Harker Research, AllAccess, Radio-Info, AllAboutCountry and Full Throttle Country, among others, each day as well to keep your attitude in balance. (add a comment below with any other great daily radio reads you like as well)

We all "...could use a little good news today..." too, don't you think?


Fred Jacobs in FMQB said...

Radio – like Archie comics – has the potential to study its assets in light of a new marketplace.

And make bold, strategic moves that can breathe life and energy into well-loved, iconic brands.

Geri Jarvis said...

First of all, full disclosure. We are the prototype that Jerry del Colliano set up for podcasting. We worked for 8 months (after 20 yrs on morning radio) before we even put anytgi g on the website. We had to learn to sell, change the tone of the broadcast, etc. Jerry was right. We've been sol out with one-year contracts since we started...and we're getting ready to unveil some things that I can't even believe.

Meanwhile, most of radio keeps trudging along, cutting up it's morning shows and playing 60 second commercials. That won't hold water. There's a whole new world out there with quite a few available dollars

Out there. What am I saying? Millions!!!!!!

I suggest radio get on with it, bite the bullet and eventually, catch the wave.


Geri Jarvis