Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's Change The Name Of The Format From "Country" To "Steam Punk"

Watch this video (click) and see if you don't agree with Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush that their vision of "Steam Punk" sounds a lot like what you're trying to do on the radio each day.
Nettles told Billboard that "The Incredible Machine" --both the album and their forthcoming tour -- take inspiration from the "steampunk movement," , a branch of science fiction that imagines a world where humans evolved intellectually, but technology remained set in Victorian times. "I describe it emotionally as bungee jumping and eating chocolate cake," she says. "It's terrifying and gratifying, all at the same time."

Sugarland is set to launch its U.S. tour, beginning on April 23 at Primm, Nevada's Star of the Desert Arena. A few festival dates such as Stage Coach (April 24,) Country Thunder (July 23) in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin and Country Jam (July 24) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin are peppered throughout the itinerary, with headlining shows at arenas and amphitheaters filling out the schedule.

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