Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Guess What These Words Have In Common

Average Joes, Bamajam, Bigger Picture, Black River, Blues Alley, BPG, Cold River, Grand Vista, Jaronwood, Krankit, Lofton Creek, Nine North, Pretty Damn Tough, Redneck Records, Ride, Robbins, Sea Gayle, Stoney Creek, Stroudavarious, Top Dog and Treehouse

Someone told me last week that there are currently almost 40 different "record" labels promoting songs and artists to radio right now from Nashville, even as the usual suspects appear to dominate the monitored charts week after week.

These are just a few I heard from recently - above and beyond the usual list of majors and major indies.

I feel for them, working hard to stand out from a very noisy crowd.

In spite of the difficult economy, it sure looks like there are still hopeful people with money in their pockets coming to Music City, pursuing their dreams.

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Phyllis Stark said...

Last week’s Stark Country mini-series on the radio/label relationship sparked a high volume of reader feedback. We’re turning today’s issue over to some of those opinions. Click on my name to read it.