Monday, April 19, 2010

For Example

A reader emailed me this morning, asking what I meant when I said:
"You’d experiment with new sounds which excite you so as to gain an edge over other radio stations your target might also spend time with."

... in yesterday's post. Here's an example, on the air right now at many A&O client stations, in spite of the concerns pro/con whether new artists like Tyler Dickerson's opportunity closed with Disney's announcement closing his Nashville label last week.

I think he has an impressive debut LP and on it is a very clever track that could not be more topical right now, "Save A Few Billion For Us," so we created a special "economy mix" of the song (click to listen, right click and "save as" to download it) to build some fun and buzz.

If you like it, feel free to download and spin it. Gettin' viral is what it's all about!

I'd love to know if you use it, how it goes and would love to hear what original musical fun-makers you invent for your listeners as well.

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