Thursday, February 25, 2010

Country Listeners: 80% Caucasian, But Increasingly Hispanic

Just as Arbitron reports on Black and Hispanic radio audiences, The Media Audit newly-updated national country qualitative study presented this week to the Albright & O'Malley Pre-CRS client seminar shows that country’s Hispanic audience has been growing.

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Facebook Thread said...

Alex Edwards
I imagine that percentage is considerably lower in Western Wisconsin right? .5%????

Jaye Albright
You are probably right, though I learned that the fastest-growing demo in Marshaltown, IA in the 2000 census was Hispanics (a WalMart distribution center is located there).

Scott Michaels
Here in Columbus, Indiana, a town of about 40,000, our hispanic population is estimated between 5-7%.

Lee Ann Taylor
We tend to pigeon hole our perceived listeners.... I hate that. I go out and KNOW who they are.....

Buzz Jackson
In Tucson the market is more than 30% Hispanic and KIIM-FM is very very close to mirroring that. But this is a unique market and situation.

We recognized a long time ago that in order to be #1 overall, we had to do very well with Hispanics. Fortunately, George Strait and many of the themes of country music are very relatable to the Hispanic makeup in this market.

V Keith Ogurek
I wonder what car makes this demographic uses? Guessing here, probably not heavy Toyota, more likely Chevy or used Honda. But who drives Toyota anymore? It seems country radio sells heavily 1) autos 2) TV 3) grocery. Yes?

Walter Sabo
All markets are unique any more. does mcdonald's do well in your market? there u go

Jaye Albright
I was just in the ARB vs Nielsen panel at CRS and they both confirm that country's audience is so large in the 51 small and medium markets that Cumulus and Clear Channel brought Nielsen into that the qualitative tends to drift toward the mean.

Whereas, in places which country shares are smaller and less 'mass' in size, the qualitative differences are greater. Every place is different and no place is "average."

Lee Ann Taylor
Here's my take on this: I don't care about other markets when I am on air or doing music. I find out who MY listeners are and I gear towards them. It's basic, yet I see so many programmers playing follow the leader. Why do I care what Chicago is doing when I am in upstate NY? My listerers aren't the same. We pigeon hole our listeners as a "... See Moreuniversal" sterotype when they are by NO MEANS that. I just had this argument when we did a listener profile for my station. We made everyone "blue collar" when they are in fact that and half middle management! it is a major disservice to the listeners.