Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Test Everything For The Level Of Engagement

Heard during yesterday's ARF Audio Council meeting in New York:

"At WBEB, we tested 100 national radio commercials. 25% were effective and engaging. 25% could have been with just a few simple creative copy changes and the other 50% were completely ineffective." -- Jerry Lee

"You can turn your head. You can close your eyes. But, you can't close your ears." -- Erwin Ephron

.. but, of course, you can put things on "ignore." Is that what your listener is doing while you talk on the air?

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Facebook Thread said...

Joe Marshall, KKBN, Sonora
I'll give it my best today!

Mike Kankelfritz
I am giving it my best right now... Lets see got the Weight Watchers/Applebee's scuttlebut... -My cohost is about to talk about Baby showers, and how she can't stand the games... her daughter is due next month.

Judy Puente
topics...sexting..... icecream truck drivers how are they screened for the job, should there be backgrond checks done?.... How do you connect with your spouse when you work split shifts?....... enjoy the day!!

John Michaels Fleming
How bout the dealership in Missouri giving away a AK47 with the purchase of every truck! You tube it...True story...Funnier than hell...Has God & Guns in his motto...Co host agreed with CNN reporter that God would not want to be associated with AK47's & did she ever piss off AK47 population!!!

Bob Wallace
On this mornings Bob and Diana 'show'...We'll speak with Ruth Lovell-Stanners The clear up Bob's 'Bag-Tag' Confusion (ahh the mind of a man)! Plus, Diana has the Really Wierd News at 7:40..brought to you by 'Living Light' in Owen Sound..check out their huge clearance sale! And as always..WTF Trivia..65% of workers say they do this atleast 3x's a week? In addition, it's always community first..we bid fond farewell ( atleast for awhile), to a local girl (from Tara), who'll be heading to the Arctic today for a special trip. Thanks, for spending time with the MIX.

Pete Miller, WYGY:
This is the week to listen for Rascal Flatts to "Cry Wolf!" When you hear 'em, be the 9th caller at 749-7973 to be in to win...I'll give them away Friday afternoon, 7/31, at 5:30! Good Luck!

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