Sunday, July 05, 2009

Joe Nichols Visits Iraq

Watch his video of the experience. He received this letter from the mother of Marine shortly after his trip to Iraq to play for our soldiers. "Dear Mr. Joe Nichols,

I just received a phone call from my U.S. Marine son currently deployed in Ramadi, Iraq. I have not heard that kind of excitement in his voice for a long time. When I asked him how he was doing he responded, “FANTASTIC!” He called just to tell me that you had played for the troops last night and then stayed as long as necessary to sign autographs and take pictures with him and the others.

Mr. Nichols, thank-YOU. Thank you for bringing that happiness and excitement to my son and the rest of the troops. I know my son and the others truly appreciated you being there! As a mother, I appreciate that you were there for them too! You are one of the “real things” that you sing about!

As for the lyrics in your songs, “thank God for believers” and “if nobody believed in you,” I apply them to you in this situation, for being there for THEM and for believing in them. Thanks for not “turning away.” We certainly do not want them to “give up” or be discouraged by those that undermine them. “God only knows where we would be without believers.”

My heart and soul are forever grateful to you for sharing your love, time and incredible talent with our precious military. You are a good soul!

May happiness be with you each and every day!

May God continue to bless you Joe Nichols and your good works!

Thank you again,
A very proud mother of a U.S. Marine

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