Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Froggy Stunts In Santa Rosa

Rob and Joss at Maverick Media's KFGY were talking the other day about a guy Rob saw at the store who bought a bag of ice and it said "premium ice." Joss reports that they wondered what makes this ice so special?
"So we had two people come in and sample ice from the tap, garden hose ice and "premium" ice (click to watch the video). They actually said the premium ice was the best - BUT they got the garden hose and the tap water ice confused. They thought one tasted like the other!"

She adds: "Of course, we do set our sights higher than ice licking. If you haven't seen it - check out our 9 to 5 video."

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Anonymous said...

Fun bit! I would suggest they record their board audio at the same time and then use it to replace the audio from the video camera. This can be done in most video editing programs.