Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sharpening The Soundtrack Of Your Show

Not every personality needs to use beat beds behind everything, of course, (especially if someone else you compete with is already famous for using them), but for me the production elements of any radio show can be an important asset/tie-breaker.

I think beds and sounders still can add sparkle, keep elements moving forward, and add consistency. Even "background" listeners will reach for the dial and turn it up when they hear a familiar bed for something they are interested in such as news, weather, traffic, etc.

Yes, I know that 'authenticity' is a key value right now. So, there is no law which states that every personality has to put music behind everything, but for me, separate beds should also be used for each regular "feature" or "contest."

I think they really add to the personality of the bit when chosen carefully. Although brevity should be a priority at all times make sure your beds are long enough for their purpose. Few things sound as bad as a bed that runs out in the middle of a bit.

Now, how do you feel about it?


Buzz Jackson said...

100% agree. We are in the entertainment business. If putting a game show bed behind a contest enhances the show-biz factor, then do it.

But don't do it for the sake of doing it. Do it because it adds something to the bit.

Buzz in Tucson

Paul Christy said...

I would not use a bed under everything. Many find it distracting, often exhausting. But then, if you have no compelling content, best bury what you do have with some beats!