Sunday, July 26, 2009

Powerful, Optimistic

You know it's not an accident that Radio Ink's 40 Power People Of 2009 are also very high on our business:

Don Benson: The business definitely has changed from the past, there are encouraging opportunities for us ahead as well. New media is one of them, giving us the ability to provide multi-platform solutions for our clients.

David Landau: The ability to place your message in front of such large audiences and at the same time leverage local relationships and communities is unparalleled. It is this connection that will help drive new media opportunities and traffic to new media outlets.

Gary Stone: This combination of reach and engagement makes radio a very effective medium for advertisers.

Bob Neil: Our audience is growing, we’re a highly targetable medium, and we deliver results for advertisers that understand how to use us. Our digital assets are enormous. When you include streaming, podcasting, and other interactive tools, we bring those same sets of assets over from the over-the-air broadcast to the Internet. Our audiences are engaged with our brands, and that’s the perfect atmosphere for an advertiser.

George Beasley: The fact that nearly all broadcasters, Beasley included, now have members of management solely devoted to developing and deriving new revenue streams from new media channels, speaks to radio's commitment to the world of new media.

Mark Masters: Dollar for dollar, radio still brings the best bang for the buck, but people don't realize this on the level they should. If the creative is spot-on and radio reps help their clients focus on use of easy-to-remember website names or phone numbers, ROI is amazingly strong. But this requires radio sales folks to think entrepreneurially, to care about their clients' ROI -- and when this happens, you get renewals. Renewals mean sustainability.


Facebook Thread said...

Donny Walker likes this.

Mike Mitchell: Call me an "ol' stick in the mud" but I'm not one of those all hyped up about getting Radio involved in internet. I sincerely believe that if these gurus spent as much time putting a good product on their signals as they spend trying to figure out the internet they would be a lot more successful.

I'm not saying not to use the internet. It's a tool. However, I want my SalesStaff extolling the virutes of a well conceived radio campaign and coming up with the proper messages to move products and services and inform. It's difficult enough to put those two genies in a bottle!... Read More

I know. That's why I'm sitting on the sideline and all of you folks are making all of that money.

Jim Walsh: Any tangible sign thing are getting better? 'Cause I gotta tell ya, down here at sea level it still looks pretty grim...

Jaye replies: Mike and jim, I wish I could send you a link to the story in the same issue where Deborah Parenti asks each power broker "If they could go back and change anything about how radio has operated post-consolidation, what would it be" tells you that your perceptions are shared even in the corner offices with the nice views. It's on page 12 on the 7/6.09 issue of Radio Ink. I would have linked to it from my blog but, sadly, it's not available online.

Tom Scott said...

I've just accepted an offer from Monticello Media in Charlottesville, VA as Director of Interactive Media. After 28 years in the biz, I'm excited how radio can leverage online products to offer more to clients and listeners while increasing revenue. I'm even more excited that a small, privately owned company sees the value in pursuing this avenue as our business changes.

In mid-May I took a leap of faith and left my gig as OM/PD of Clear Channel Radio in Williamsport, PA as my wife accepted a GSM job in VA.

The process of moving our family and starting over was a bit overwhelming, but on the eve of my new radio adventure I'm energized and ready to go!