Thursday, July 09, 2009

Picture This

AAA-The Peak/Vancouver just poked all their social network "friends" an invitation to show off their lovely city (and their artistic side) by sharing pictures for The Peak website.

In my travels, I have yet to visit any place where residents aren't proud of where they choose to live.

This seems like a fabulous way to make a strong local statement and associate your radio station with that sense of unique local treasures that your listeners capture and share.


Anonymous said...

genius idea

Facebook group said...

Dars Diner likes this.

Kent D. Schumaker at 10:21am July 9
Great idea. Especially for the much travelled radio people. Being new to a market, this is a great way to get connected to the community.

Steve Chapman at 10:26am July 9
A wonderful idea! This is a great way for listener's to participate. Every station with a website should be doing this one.