Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Want To See Garth This Weekend? Go To The Opry

Garth Brooks will be performing at the Grand Ole Ory this weekend in celebration of the Opry's 80th birthday. GAC will be carrying the Opry live this week. Also, wsmonline.com has a free audio stream of the Opry every week.

Released just last Thursday morning, Garth's new single, "Good Ride Cowboy," a tribute to Chris LeDoux, will debut higher than any other country single (except ONE) on this week's charts. FYI: "The Thunder Rolls," debuted at #19. "Good Ride" ties the modern record for highest debut in this week's Billboard. The previous record was set by Eddie Rabbitt in 1978 with his #18 debut with "Every Which Way But Loose."

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