Friday, October 28, 2005

Politics and Religion

.. have always been good topic areas for most (but the most skilled) of us to avoid. Now, that appears to be more true than ever as Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Wickham has thrown out claims by Initiative 912 backers that the reporting of KVI talk radio hosts’ on-air support as political campaign contributions has had a “chilling” effect on free speech rights.

“Their relationship to the campaign and their open advocacy of the campaign demonstrated their intention to use valuable media time to support the campaign. Their actions were not accidental and the impact on the campaign was not incidental,” Wickham added. “Anything less than the facts in this case might well not be a reportable contribution.”

The lesson, as this Washington State judge says radio talk shows can be campaign contributions, for the majority of us:

...point of view (how you feel, your perspective) = good, important.

BUT, opinion = potentially dangeorus (even in this age when John Stewart is seen as a newscaster and 'old news' is attracting smaller audiences).

A WORD TO THE WISE: Passion and perspective is in, but controverial politics (unless that's what you want to be famous for) is not. Or, do you have a different spin on it?

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