Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Time Spent Listening Rankers

If you're not an Inside Radio subscriber, you probably haven't visited their website lately. Which means that you have not seen Mike Kinosian's great tracking of the stats that Canadians call "hours tuned."

You do not have to be an IR subscriber to see them, and until the PPM arrives, TSL is the diary survey ballgame:

Minute By Minute — the latest on TSL by format

Time Spent Listening — market by market.

Country's average TSL on a per station basis: 63:53 (minutes:seconds) per day.

The top 10 major market country TSL stations in the Spring 2005 ARB:

1. KTHT-FM/Houston 75:15 (The original Cox-owned Country Legends major market station)
2. WPOC-FM/Baltimore 73:02
3. KYGO-FM/Denver 73:01
4. WDSY-FM/Pittsburgh 73:03
5. KNCI-FM/Sacramento 73:02
6. KMPS-FM/Seattle 71:01
7. KMLE-FM/Phoenix 71:04
8. KUPL-FM/Portland 71:02
9. WGAR-FM/Cleveland 71:01
10. KEEY-FM/Minneapolis 69:03

More than three of four Top 25 Market Country stations last spring (77%) had 12+ TSLs between 60-75 minutes a day.

PS, FYI - If Mike had looked at it 25-54 instead of 12+ that #1 station would have been quite different, but the rest of the ranking would have been very similar.

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