Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sara Evans Cuts Foot During Video Shoot

Sara Evans was home in Nashville yesterday during her brief break from touring with Brad Paisley to shoot the video for her latest single "Cheatin."

After the last video shoot in the desert where she almost stepped on a snake and almost fell off a cliff, Evans was thrilled that Peter Zavadil chose a safe location like Nashville for their next project together, but that proved not to be the case...

During a wardrobe change in a dark old trailer with cables and cords, Evans cut her foot.

Initially thought to have been shocked or electrocuted, everyone was relieved to realize it was a cut likely from an old copper pipe connected to an air conditioning unit.

Not wanting to delay the shoot further, Evans' band leader and brother, Matt Evans, along with video producer Peter Zavadil, patched up the foot, stuck it back in her high heel shoe and kept shooting.

Still not 100% sure what the culprit was, Evans will unfortunately be enjoying a tetanus shot within 72 hours.

I love the title of the press release on Sara's website: "There's No Real Fine Place To Safely Shoot a Video.."

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