Thursday, January 13, 2005

(more) Tsnaumi stories

If you don't subscribe to Inside Radio, you may not click to the subscriber areas of very often because many of them are password-protected. However, Mike Kinosian's interviews and articles are normally free and public and a very educational read. Here's an example:

The Inside Story with Mike Kinosian — How L.A. and Chicago responded to the Asian Tsunami. And Mike leads off with a deep-inside perspective of how Steve Jones and the team at ABC Radio News first became aware of the December 26 crisis (and remember that the first reports were that 160 people were killed). And how ABC’s Alex Stone was awakened after three hours’ sleep and offered the chance to fly to Asia that very day. (But first he had to become a human pincushion to get all his vaccination shots before hopping the 19-hour flight to Singapore.) Then Mike tells you how the Infinity and Viacom stations pulled off their successful coordinated fundraiser in Los Angeles. And how WFMT, Chicago’s Steve Robinson rallied nearly 40 radio stations and seven TV stations to raise nearly $2 million. Three stories, all in one highly readable
Mike Kinosian (click) INSIDE STORY.

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