Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Your 2014 Marketing Priorities In One Info-Graphic

Thanks to ExactTarget for putting it so clearly.  (click the link to download their complete report on the data behind it):

No matter the size of your marketing team or programs, you need to decide what 2014 holds for your strategy. Use these recommendations to help lead the conversation in your radio station over the coming year:

1.  Focus on listener/user/customer engagement.
• Map their journey to understand at exactly what points your customers, online users and listeners engage with you.
• Develop a plan around how you manage those engagement touchpoints and think through how you could improve each.

2.  Develop a clear data strategy.
• Take inventory of the data you have today and the data you need to collect.
• Create a plan to collect that data over time and across multiple listener interactions—because asking for a lot of information at once can be a barrier to engagement.

3.  Consider your channel options.
• Use this report to compare the channels you’re using to the channels other marketers are using.
• Form a strategy around your presence on those channels—whether you flock to the most common channels or you choose to stand out by using an underutilized channel (like mobile).

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