Tuesday, January 07, 2014

She's "Carrie-ing" Our Younger Demos

NBC must have done a bit of research of their own before they gave Carrie Underwood some "Dough Re Me" last year.

An early look at just-fielded research conducted by Edison Research for next month’s Country Radio Seminar indicates that Carrie is the most popular artist with young both people in the 12-24 demo who like country music and is also the most popular country artist among all 12-24s.

“Understanding country radio’s next generation of listeners” finds favorable 12-24 ratings for these artists among the young folks who said they like country music:
  1. Carrie Underwood:  82%
  2. Tim McGraw:  80%
  3. Blake Shelton:  78%
  4. Luke Bryan:  75%
Among all 12-24's:
  1. Carrie Underwood:  48%
  2. Kelly Clarkson:  44%
  3. Taylor Swift:  43%
  4. Tim McGraw:  40%
Edison leaked some advance data to Tom Taylor, noting the study “comes at a time when country radio has received unprecedented listening from younger audiences, with higher-than-ever 18-34 listening and surprising strength among 12-to-17 year olds.  The youngest fans show surprisingly mainstream and diverse tastes.”

Edison’s Larry Rosin and Megan Lazovick, along with Millennials expert Jayne Charneski, will present at CRS in Nashville on February 19. Interested in attending? The $499 “regular rate” ends next Monday, January 13. (click to register)

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