Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do You Know Who Ashley Gorley Is?

If you're a recording artist and you don't, you better catch up right now on David Ross' latest innovation.

If you talk on the radio, it's very tempting to interview song writers, relate and listen to their stories and try to educate the listeners who love the songs about this side of the music business they know and care very little about.

My experience, based on PPM usage data and well as longer term diary ratings:  listeners tune out when the content turns to things and people which don't relate to their interests.

We're not in the education business.  We're in the entertainment biz.

If you want to know more about Ashley Gorley, go to Wikipedia.

Certainly, there is no topic or person that a great communicator can't present in an interesting and relatable way, but counting down the top 60 song writers on the air would be too much inside baseball for most of us.

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