Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thanks, Zac and Gary

Zac Brown and Gary Allan sure created some buzz this week with comments about country music losing its “country” factor.

wrote a thought-provoking recap of it all that has drawn some excellent comments (after you get through mine):
  • "You used to be able to turn on the radio and you knew it was a country station just by listening to it. Now, you’ve got to leave it there for a second to figure it out.” -- Gary Allan
  • “If I hear one more tailgate in the moonlight, daisy duke song, I’m gonna throw up. There’s songs out there on the radio right now that make me be ashamed to be even in the same format as some other artists.” -- Zac Brown
  • "To me the question isn’t about being a purist, trumpets, Metallica, resisting musical evolution, or disparaging anyone. But looking at the past it seems that country has experienced several cycles where it moves toward the mainstream until perhaps it loses too many of its distinctive qualities. It then sputters, regroups and the cycle begins anew. When some of today’s most talented artists are also speaking out about what they are feeling in highly public media venues it seems worthy of consideration." -- David Ross
  • "I had a dream where I saw a ballpark filled with male Country singers. Down one aisle came a vendor with his wares yelling “Truck songs!!! Get your truck songs here”…..then a couple of aisles over, there was another vendor yelling “Girl songs!!! Got your girl songs here”. And they couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. Then at the bottom, near the edge of the field, there was another vendor yelling “Beer songs!!! Get your beer and party songs here. Beer songs!!!” And he sold out in minutes. These singers were jumping up and down with joy, thrilled with what they had found, thinking how unique it made them feel. And they left the park with their souvenirs wanting to share them with the world. But, that was only a dream, wasn’t it?????" -- Sherrill Blackman
  • I think a lot of all the music formats are currently filled with “disposable” music, almost in the “jingle” category. But “jingles” sells product, and this is the music BUSINESS, lest we forget. However, let’s hope that the Country format never loses the artists and writers, who are idealistic enough, to always want great, well written songs, with stories about LIFE……bad, good, rich, poor, love, divorce, and hell yes, there will always be parties ! It’s a “cycle”, so calm down, everything always turns out OK in the end. I’m just glad that this current “cycle” has brought a younger demographic who will discover other Country artists, with a traditional, or singer-songwriter “slant” which they wouldn’t have discovered, otherwise.  The COUNTRY FORMAT will always be the best music site for diversity. I like it all !!  -- Tony Brown
  • We’re thinking of having a little fun this week by putting ZBB’s first single against Luke’s first, ZBB’s latest vs Luke’s latest, etc letting the listeners decide (click CAGE MATCH - ZAC VS LUKE.mp3 to hear it)  -- Adam McLaren, Program Director XL Country 96.9/Moncton
That open attitude to diversity of sound, borrowing generously from what’s “hot” and adapting fresh ideas is the very thing that keeps country growing.  It’s regrettable when any of us who understand the business disparages artists, songs, radio stations or companies. A bit of the mud, when that happens, splashes on all of us.

I hope that is something we all agree on.

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