Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Value Drivers

A client PD sent me her station's marketing plan for the fall survey and she related every proposed action as a driver of value to the target listener.
  • The station's unique and superior music, lifestyle and attitude position among all our competition.
  • Their commercial load limits and placement, designed to increase usage at the expense of other radio stations our listeners may also use.
  • The simplicity and fun of our "big" contest, which features very enticing prizes in contrast to other local media marketing.
  • Air personality content, controlled using a content grid to assure that it is consistent and present.
  • Personalities, unique in their compelling brand stories and always involved with the local community on the streets, meeting perceived listener needs and solving problems.
Running everything they do through the "is it a value driver to our target?" test is a great way to be sure that ratings will reflect an on-target brand, driven by loyal fans who know that the station is built around their needs.

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