Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Feel Better Now

My week started out with my head hurting as word of a new mandatory policy at a major consolidated group dictating at least 15 or more units in a break twice an hour was confirmed.

Next day, Natalie Swed Stone of OMD at RAIN SUMMIT asked “how will listeners tolerate 15 minutes of commercials” (in an hour’s worth of a radio station's streaming simulcast) and added that “a 60” spot on the air is insanity.”

Thankfully, about then, Mary Quass called 'spotload one of multiple things we have to "suck it up" and fix.'  (thanks to Sean for Tweeting it today.

It felt like an extra strength aspirin, targeted right where my head was starting to hurt.

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Jeff Warshaw said...

If we’re not listening to listeners telling us what they want and we’re not out there creating excitement, not providing compelling local content, running treeeeeeeemendous numbers of commercials, putting up with crappy programming just because we think we have [loyalty] coming to us, then we’re destined to be extinct.