Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's Good For Public Radio, Is Good For You Too

"Essentially, we're raising the number of segments per hour," Arvid Hokanson, deputy program manager for KUOW tells Morning Fizz, in an attempt to keep up with the way audience surveys say people listen to radio—in short bursts, while they're making breakfast or in the car. "Our frequent listeners now are people who listen more times per day."

KUOW will effectively condense four hours of daily local programming into two.

Do the math.  If you want to keep up with a top-rated public radio station in PPM, it's time to say the same things in HALF the time!

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Inside Radio said...

There may be strict limits to what National Public Radio can offer advertisers on-air, but as it relaunches its homepage the public radio network is making a play for more of marketers’ digital budgets. A new sponsorship unit called the “Center Stage” offers click-to-play video from a sponsor. It replaces the standard banner and display ads.

NPR says the new website will give users a “clear sense of what’s editorial content and what’s not” and says it will design each longer-form unit and screen the content to ensure a “highly complementary” experience. “The world of digital sponsorship is changing rapidly, and many publishers are choosing to blur the lines between editorial and advertising,” says Erica Osher, ad products manager for NPR’s rep firm National Public Media. “This larger style of sponsorship will never overlap editorial content, and we will always clearly note the sponsorship nature of the space.”