Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Very Good Jerry Cupit Ideas

Jerry has worked with such artists as John Anderson, George Jones, Hank Williams Jr., Lonestar, Tim McGraw, Ken Mellons, Kevin Sharp, Jo-El Sonnier and many others.

He's an accomplished songwriter, musician, author, producer, publisher, and manager who since he started Cupit Music back in 1980  has won awards for his songwriting talent from BMI and ASCAP, including the millionaire award for his writing contribution to "Jukebox Junkie" as well as the Tennessee Songwriter's Association Hallmark Award.

In addition, Jerry has authored two very successful books, Nashville Songwriting and a new gift book titled Daddy Always Said.

He's an inventor too.  The Cupit guitar is only 22.5" long and weighs 4.5 lbs. including the case.  That is idea #1, which he calls 'the travel guitar.'

Idea #2 is "Guitars For Soldiers," an organization dedicated to donating guitars to all military personnel 
desiring a small travel guitar.  Soldiers become eligible for a free guitar by simply entering their information at  Civilians & Corporations contribute by donating one travel guitar at the price of $399.00.  Cupit Music will then match the donation with a second guitar to a second soldier 
in the donors name.

For questions and all other inquiries please contact:
Dan Hagar
Senior V.P.
Cupit Music Group 
Nashville, TN

615-731-0100 ext.13

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