Friday, August 16, 2013

Chuck Buell

He is a headline selection this month on the largest radio show aircheck archive around,
 Chuck Buell, for 45 years adapting his content and style, a perfect role model for talent wanting to remain relevant decade after decade.

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Chuck Buell said...

I must thank Uncle Ricky for this wonderful opportunity to be featured on the incomparable "Reel Radio" website and to Bobby Ocean for his fantastic showcasing of my work on his "Bobby's Update Aircheck Channel" for without none of this would be possible. I am, indeed, humbled . . . . . ( Fade in Overpowering "Time's Up" music here . . . )

The FAB 40 is determined by actual REEL RADIO listeners and ranked by SHARE of total listening time in the previous week. -- is the largest radio show aircheck archive in existence. -