Friday, May 13, 2011

The Social Network Called Radio

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SCBA has lost an executive, Katz has gained one, but radio retains one of our most effective advocates. Mary Beth Garber sent along this chart, with a note:
"I began working as EVP/Radio Analysis and Insights for Katz Radio Group on April 1. My role is quite similar to what is was at the SCBA (and still is until all my SCBA responsibilities are reassigned). Please know that I have even more resources to be able to answer questions regarding radio and all its platforms. If you need support in defending radio or to overcome objections, or questions in general about radio, I can still be of service. I'm located in the Los Angeles office of Katz, 6500 Wilshire."

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Anonymous said...

By "advocate" do you mean apologist? MBG likes to brag about living in Malibu so obviously SHE made some money in the business, but 10 years from now let's see. It's one thing to defend the industry's strong points, it's another to use misinformation and personal attacks on anyone who uses the profane word "iPod."