Friday, May 27, 2011

How much clutter is too much clutter?

The more compelling the personality and the content, the more. The less personable and relatable the non-music programming on a music FM is, the better the station will do with less of it, as long is the goal is short term only. LONG term, developing strong entertainers who know how to use content as a magnet, the better the station will do. Listeners like it best when there is NO clutter. Limiting unwanted elements that make money has always been the greatest programming competitive challenge. Running any clutter of any kind which doesn't drive revenue or usage is foolhardy. - Thanks to Radio Ink's Ed Ryan for including my perspective in the discussion.

Ed: Should announcers back-announce and intro all songs, every hour throughout the day.

Yes. In fact, Mike O'Malley and I have been urging it for many, many years.

The first A&O client to make use of it was Clear Channel's KIXZ-FM, Spokane a decade ago, suggested by then Clear Channel VP Programming Rich Hawkins and PD Paul Neumann is still there, more than willing to testify that this baked in product attribute is still a big part of our secret sauce.

Citadel's Thunder Country Grand Rapids, Maverick Media's WAXX/Eau Claire, Midwest Family's BOB FM/Springfield and Morris' KBRJ/Anchorage are just a few of the others you can hear online if you want to listen to how it's done.

If you'd like to know if listeners like it, just talk to any of those PD's or either one of us!

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