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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Broadcast Radio Continues To Strongly Dominate Listening"

Pardon me, if I join Katz in bragging a bit this morning:
“The latest findings bear out what we continue to find from all our research – and hear from consumers – that broadcast radio is still by far the overwhelming leader in audio listening,” said Mary Beth Garber, EVP/Radio Analysis and Insights at Katz Radio Group.  “Broadcast radio isn’t losing listeners – in fact just the opposite, which makes it clear that digital listening actually represents incremental listening.  So as digital listening – which is both AM/FM digital listening and personal music collection digital listening – continues to grow, it is an expansion of broadcast radio listening, additive to it rather than a substitute.  Research from Infinite Dial 2012 shows that digital listeners are also heavy broadcast users (3); digital extends the reach and popularity of broadcast radio to new devices and new listening opportunities. We're pleased with digital's growth and how it has added to the broadcast radio experience.”

Garber continued, “A digital-only ‘music collection’ audio service like Pandora only has 4.4% of total audio listening, even if you assume the Triton measurement of when the service is left on is comparable to the measurement of actual listening that Arbitron does.  That said, even though it is still a relatively small percentage of all listening, we remain excited about the role of digital listening in extending radio listening to new devices, further enhancing radio's role as the major mobile entertainment and information service to the consumer.”

In the most recent RADAR findings, the gold standard measurement system for radio, which measure national listening behavior from October 2011 to September 2012, broadcast radio continues to strongly dominate listening – reaching 243 million listeners per week and representing 92.4% of all listening (1).  In comparison, digital listening currently represents only 7.6% of all audio listening (2).

(1) RADAR 115 (Dec 2012, for period Oct 11 - Sep 12
(2) RADAR 115 (for period Oct 11 – Sep 12); Triton Digital Audio Top 20, Oct 11 – Sep 12;
(3) Infinite Dial 2012

Coincidentally, that news comes this week just as Canada's entire Astral Radio group gets ready for their annual "Have a Heart” Radiothon events in every one of their markets.  This annual 12-hour live broadcast calls upon listeners to help raise much-needed funds to support care for young patients, enable the acquisition of new specialized pediatrics equipment and provide parents with support services.  This year's will run from 6am to 6pm Thursday May 2nd and one hundred percent of the money raised during this nation-wide one-day event will stay in Astral communities to help babies and kids.

Actually, now that I think of it, there is no coincidence.  

The announcement could have come ANY day, and there would be many things to point to that radio's dedicated public servants are doing somewhere.

"Don't sell the ratings. Sell the reasons you HAVE those ratings,."
   - Mary Beth Garber


Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's Your "Sound?"

The Katz press release, released yesterday, is a timely reminder:

Who could mistake the distinctive sound of the "Dum-dum" from Law and Order? Or the famous "Aflac quack" from the duck in the TV ads? New research from Katz Marketing Solutions, the national marketing arm of the Katz Media Group has confirmed that "sonic branding" is definitely a powerful force advertisers should take advantage of. Today Katz released a new study of advertisers' sonic brands and their impact on communicating brand messaging and eliciting emotional responses.

"The results confirm the incredible power of sound," said Bob McCurdy, President of Katz Marketing Solutions. "With this research, we have a better understanding of how sound impacts what we see, how we feel and what we consume. Even a brief one or two seconds of sound can trigger powerful brand messaging and explicit visual images, which means radio can be an extremely influential tool for advertisers."

While previous studies have focused on brand identification, Katz Marketing Solutions commissioned this research to delve beyond awareness metrics. Instead, the study quantified the communication and emotional impact of sonic brands of the top U.S. advertisers including McDonald's, Mazda, Old Spice and Pillsbury, among 20 others. The intended goal was to measure both the ability of these sound bites to communicate a brand message and to generate emotions.

Click around the study's website for lots of sales ammo, but it's more than that as well.

What music are you using behind that commercial?

What message does the sound of your station voice send?

Do you have your own equivalent of NBC's chimes?

Have you tested it with your listeners to be certain it sends the image you intend?

I'll play you ours (click to listen), if you'll play me yours too.

Let's work together to attain mnemonic audio perfection for both ourselves and advertisers who use our air.

Monday, May 16, 2011

(More From Katz): Satellite Radio – A Proper Perspective

  • It isn’t commercial free, it has virtually no local content and at $10 to $15 per month or more for a subscription, it certainly isn’t free.
  • In the 10 years since its launch it has worked its way up to being owned by… 10.6% of the Adults 18+ in the USA
  • If 30% penetration is considered “critical mass” for technology products…it has a very, very long way to go to be considered a mass medium. Today, it is irrelevant in that category.
  • It reports 20.5 million “subscribers” (includes unsold autos and cancelled subscriptions for 18 months after they cancel). Only about 85% are “self-pay” (or, real). Only 9.5% of Adults 18+ in USA listened to any satellite radio in the past week and only 1.2% plan to acquire one in the coming year.

  • Radio reaches 93.4% of Adults 18+ in the USA every week.
  • Radio connects to listeners locally, on many platforms, and then connects those listeners to advertisers.
- Mary Beth Garber/Katz Radio

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Social Network Called Radio

Click to read:
SCBA has lost an executive, Katz has gained one, but radio retains one of our most effective advocates. Mary Beth Garber sent along this chart, with a note:
"I began working as EVP/Radio Analysis and Insights for Katz Radio Group on April 1. My role is quite similar to what is was at the SCBA (and still is until all my SCBA responsibilities are reassigned). Please know that I have even more resources to be able to answer questions regarding radio and all its platforms. If you need support in defending radio or to overcome objections, or questions in general about radio, I can still be of service. I'm located in the Los Angeles office of Katz, 6500 Wilshire."