Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Is The Weather Really "Next?"

What's the point of saying "The Weather's next" or "I'll check the forecast, coming up"?

Does anyone have time to wait for anything that relates to everyone pretty much all of the time? I can click on my smart phone and grab a five day forecast faster than you can play one commercial, let alone a whole cluster.

Teasing routine elements with key words anyone can put into a search engine and get immediately simply no longer makes any sense, if it ever did. It's like saying "I'll check the time in five minutes."

Stop with the constant teasing and, if you have something fresh, relevant, important and immediate, just DO it.


Jennifer said...

A to the Men. :-)
"There isn't room for mediocrity. There simply isn't time. "
~Shevaun Voison~
Hope you are happy and well Jaye!

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty! ;o) Thanks for helping me understand the listeners point of view. How easily it is to forget!

Tony Hayes said...

Well said Jaye. As a former PD and still part-time on air talent, the thing that drives me crazy, and I hear it on TV as well as radio, is..."Right now outside it's _________degrees". Of course it's right now and obviously it's outside. The other thing is teasing a traffic problem. As you said Jaye, "just do it".