Thursday, April 07, 2011

When You Steal From Me, You're Stealing Twice

.. and here's more proof of that:

WABC/New York PD Laurie Cantillo has given the station staff a web page of their own. “The 17th Floor” promises to give WABC fans a look behind the scenes and introduce them to the colorful characters behind the colorful characters behind the mic.

This is a fantastic idea on many levels. Properly nurtured, it could generate great content capable of attracting both web traffic and sponsors. It gives the off-air staff a greater sense of buy-in by providing them with the opportunity to contribute to the station’s product. And, who knows? WABC’s next star might get her start as a podcaster or video blogger on “The 1-7”. Yeah, that’s right, I gave it a nickname.

I hope “The 17th Floor” grows into a more multimedia endeavor. As of this writing, it’s dominated by text blog posts. I’d also like to see more of that “behind the scenes” stuff. Listeners love it.

Some of the best radio web content I’ve ever seen was WMAL/Washington’s “day in the life” videos featuring former morning hosts Fred Grandy and Andy Parks. It was a cross between reality TV and “The Larry Sanders Show.”

Thanks to Randall Bloomquist!

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