Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Sticky

"A sticky idea is understood, it’s remembered, and it changes something.

"Sticky ideas of all kinds—ranging from the “kidney thieves” urban legend to JFK’s “Man on the Moon” speech—have six traits in common."

If you make use of these traits in your communication, you’ll make your ideas stickier. (You don’t need all 6 to have a sticky idea, but it’s fair to say the more, the better!)

I must be the next-to-last person in the world to have finally gotten around to reading Chip and Dan Heath's "Made To Stick," since it looks like many of the pages of their web site are under construction, getting set up for their next book and starting to do trainings around the "Stick" concepts.

Still, it's well worth a read, even after sitting on my bookshelf for more than a year.

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