Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not Just Another Anti-Radio Rant

This blog post (Is Good Radio Winning?) started out like so many others by burnt out naysayers who seem to endlessly wax on about how wonderful things used to be and then complain about how things are now that I almost deleted it.

Then I got down to the section of the article that so few like it have.

The part headlined "solutions."
If you are employed in an authoritative position, mentor a young professional. Bring in interns and let them work. Be OK with mistakes and teach people how to correct mistakes. Don't think about the next trend or book. Think about the trend or book three years down the road. Service your local advertisers, regardless of budget. Find out what your listeners want. Program for the masses while still respecting the fringe. Be cool again. Be cutting-edge. Don't be scared to piss people off or to make them feel good. Respect the airwaves. Respect your community and be a part of it. Care about making a profit but be OK with occasionally losing money within reason. Don't just skim through music. Listen to music.

Don't treat radio as a commodity. Radio is a canvas that can entertain and educate. It can make profits and support families. It can be an authoritative voice and a voice for the people but it is not a commodity.

Respect the profession. Respect the industry. Take chances. Reflect your community. Good radio is winning.

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