Monday, April 11, 2011

Is News "Rotten In Denmark"?

DR Audience Researchers Peter Niegel and Dennis Christensen presented an enlightening case study of audience loss at the start of hourly newscasts even on the national broadcast service of Denmark in Toronto last month at BBM's annual "Staying Tuned" conference.

Buckle yourself in over the next few days, as I recap a few highlights of their findings:

Then, the measurement changed to PPM, rocking their world.

There was never a thought given to dropping news, given that 1) DR is the government radio service and 2) PPM showed that 80% of the audience continued to listen to news on the top of the hour.

What to do?

Peter and Dennis were forced to go 'under cover' to find out what was going on.

This t-shirt was their first graphic clue to what was happening, what had to be done about it.

Check this space over the next several days and learn what they
now know in Denmark about keeping flow and audience usage momentum when the newsroom (not "rotten" at all, but very typical indeed in the way they were doing things) opens their microphones.

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