Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watching "Black Swan" With Your Morning Show Partner

In the movie Natalie Portman is striving for perfection. She is so focused on getting everything exactly right, that she never FEELS the artform from within.

Mila Kunis, on the other hand is more relaxed. Her moves aren't exact, but she has fun and feels the performance (though, at some point within the movie she is quite possibly trying to sabotage Natalie's character...or maybe she's not...but that's besides the point).

I was watching the movie thinking... the best shows on the radio are the ones where instead of "doing" (like Natalie) you are "feeling" (like Mila), where you know the moves (like both girls) but you are "out of your head."

I am not telling you this because I think you didn't know...I am telling you this because at times I have been more like Natalie than I would like to be...even though when I am at my best I am like Mila.

(But WOW - SCARY MOVIE. I think one of the scariest I have ever seen. Slasher movies tend to make me giggle - but a movie where you don't know WHAT the hell is going on in people's brains...now that is frightening. If you do see it, have a drink handy. I made the mistake of not pouring any wine...eeee..)

-- Joss, of Rob and Joss, KFGY (Froggy), Santa Rosa

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Joss said...

I guess I should add...that the overall theme and underlying issues of the characters in the movie did not escape me...even though I was having "radio thoughts" (which, I mean really...are we ever really free of "radio thoughts"?) In any case....like I said, intense movie! - Joss