Friday, January 14, 2011

The Very Best Medium For Marketing Your Radio Station

The top two quintiles of radio users (heaviest users) are all reached by radio (100%) in an average week, more than TV (94%), cable & TV networks (74%), daily newspapers (75%), weekly newspapers (46%), Sunday newspapers (76%), shopper newspapers (37%), magazines (75%) and outdoor (68%).

The best way to tell your heaviest-users about your product - both in terms of strategic benefits and recycling existing audience - is ON THE RADIO. 6 am to 6 am, heavy radio users spend 68% of their media time with radio. 6 am to midnight, the figure is 56%, compared to 34% for television.

29% of heavy radio users say they do not have a radio at work. 71% do. The heavy radio users, not surprisingly, also spend more time commuting than the average person - 59 minutes per day and 94% of them listen to a radio while commuting.

In car is the CUME sampling location for radio and AT WORK is the AQH-BUILDER location, the data on radio's heavy users clearly indicate.

Like someone said on Facebook the other day: "the good news is the bad news changes every day."

I think you're going to want to understand these trends, looking at them locally, and start thinking about their implications for your future.

Morning television is advertising on radio trying to get our morning audience to listen to TV at home as they start their day. There's a message to US there.

Tell your usage story compellingly, on your own radio station.

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