Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Airlines Do It...Why Can't We?

Just yesterday, I had a client set up a diary review for next Monday, meaning I had to change my flights today. You know the drill. Less than a seven day advance. No refunds allowed. $150 change fee. Plus, a higher fare than I would have gotten with more advance notice.

After a decade of multibillion-dollar losses, U.S. airlines appear likely to profit for years for a simple reason: They are flying less. By grounding planes and eliminating flights, airlines have cut costs and pushed fares higher. As the global economy rebounds, travel demand is rising and planes are as full as they've been in decades.

We always have the parallels with airlines in inventory control. Maybe there's one to draw here.

Less flights, more money. Fewer spots, higher audiences, higher rates, more money.

Does anyone in our business (other than Cox) have that kind of courage?

If you know of any others, please recognize and salute them in a comment, below.

They deserve the success that they are creating right now for their immediate, medium and long term future ... and beau coup props for it as well.

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