Monday, January 10, 2011

Turning Calamity Into Action

  • "Let's not let this tragedy pass without looking inward to see what more we can do with our radio stations. Not because it's good for business, but because it's the right thing to do." -- Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads

  • "We are deeply saddened and deeply angered by the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, members of her staff, Judge John Roll, and the constituents, including a 9-year-old child, who had assembled with her outside of a Tucson grocery store today. We know the deep pain and horror that all the family members and loved ones who have been made victims by this man and his gun are going through. We wish we didn’t, but we know it too well. We were there almost 30 years ago, dealing with the doctors, the hospital, the surgeons, and so much uncertainty. We were there coping with the horror of bullet wounds to the head, not knowing if Jim would live or die or what kind of life he would have. We were there hoping and praying for the best, that his life would be spared and the damage to his brilliant mind would be minimal. We want all the families to know that we were there then, and we are with them now. Our thoughts, our hopes - we pray that they can feel them and know just a small measure of peace. We pray that they understand how committed we long have been to making our beloved country a place where gun violence doesn’t happen so easily and destroy so many. We offer our condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. We offer our assistance, in any way that it might be helpful, to those who have survived and will struggle, as we have, to heal from the unspeakable horror of gun violence." With our love and prayers, -- Jim and Sarah Brady
Allow me to humbly submit this for your thoughtful consideration.


Brian Ross - ABC News said...

Lone Wolf Killers: It's About Fame, Not Politics

Giffords shooting 'more about John Lennon than Sarah Palin,' says expert.

Kevin Carter said...

Syndicated duo Johnjay & Rich are based at Clear Channel's KZZP/Phoenix, but did yesterday's show from affiliate KRQQ/Tucson, where they spent the morning interviewing people involved in the incident and taking calls from scores of listeners who just wanted to talk, vent or share their condolences to the victims and their families.

"Tucson is a very close-knit community; right now, it's a town that is reeling but eager to come together," co-host Rich Berra tells RAMP. One of the most heart-wrenching aspects of this tragedy is the story of Christina Taylor-Green, that 9-year-old girl who was one of those killed. "Christina was born on 9/11, was recently elected to Student Council and was only at the grocery store because she wanted to meet a real Congresswoman," says Johnjay & Rich's Executive Producer Bill Ryan, who was able to facilitate a call with Christina's mother, Roxanna Green.

"This amazing woman is so hurt and yet so strong," says Berra. "It's absolutely heartbreaking." As if that conversation couldn't get any more emotional, Ryan says Roxanna mentioned that Christina was a big fan of KRQ and that her favorite song was "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. "We played the song for her... and plan to do so a lot more," Ryan adds.

Jerry Del Colliano said...

Stop, already with what I fear is the coming debate on the role of talk radio in the mass shootings in Arizona over the weekend.

This lunatic didn’t listen to talk radio.

Sorry, but if they’re trying to pin these murders on talk radio, they should probably look to new media instead.

Randall Bloomquist said...

In the wake of Saturday’s horrific shooting in Tucson the format’s critics have been working double overtime to pin the tragedy on the supposedly super-heated rhetoric of some political talkers.

How should the format respond to this onslaught? Is there any way for talk radio to turn this debate around to improve its image and boost listenership? One major market talk station briefly considered using its cable TV trade to run a spot gently urging non-listeners to tune-in and judge talk radio for themselves. What else can be done – on and off air?

NTE asked several public relations executives to share their strategic and tactical advice. Remember, these are not radio programmers. They are communications professionals who understand that every organization or entity has more than one constituency that must be served. Thus, while talk hosts should remain true to themselves and their current listeners throughout this uproar, it may behoove station management and ownership to reach out to talk radio’s other constituencies – advertisers, non-listeners, regulators, political leaders, et cetera. Educating and otherwise conversing with those groups could stave off a number of potential future problems, including increased regulation.

Brian Malte said...

No Background Check, No Gun, No Excuses