Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet You In 3-D In Five Years

Have you watched IBM’s “Next Five in Five” short list of innovations that have the potential to change many of the ways people conduct their lives, which is floating around the net (and I thought I'd keep it floating this morning in case you haven't as yet):

• You’ll meet with your friends in 3-D
• Batteries will breathe air to power our devices
• You won’t need to be a scientist to save the planet
• Your commute will be personalized (be sure your traffic reporter watches this. It's not enough to tell where problems are any more. "Alternate options" is what listeners really need now.)
• Computers will help energize your city

Broadcast Dialogue's Howard Christensen sent it yesterday, adding: "Broadcasters’ best interests include keeping informed and taking advantage of new technologies, trends and keeping abreast of the human condition, e.g. the way people work, live and play."

Ya think?

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Bob Struble said...

AM/FM in a Connected World: Threat or Opportunity? ... Yes. (click the name to read the entire article on radio's digital future)