Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big Research: October Hot/Not = A Mixed Economic Picture

Big Ticket items continue to be a bright spot as the Christmas shopping season nears, compared to Oct-09, purchase intentions for “investments" in the home – computers, autos, TVs, and furniture – are on the rise.

It appears that consumers have a trick and a treat in store for retailers in October, according to the BIGresearch® Diffusion Index (click to see all of the data, including more on those who say they’ll spend less subtracted from those who will spend more). While most categories are up from September, Oct-09, and Oct-08, all categories remain DOWN compared to pre-recession Oct-07.
  • College Football and the MLB Playoffs top our list of what’s hot for October.
  • "The Social Network" and "Big Bang Theory" are hit among viewers.
  • Women also favor Zumba and Athletic Toning Shoes, while men 18-34 are opting for the P90X workout.
What’s Not?
While approved by young women, don’t expect too many consumers to try the Skinny Cargo Pant trend on for size.

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