Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Lefsetz Mean? Is Lefsetz Famous?

Does Taylor Swift think so? Is that bald guy down below to the left really the subject of her new song?

All I have is fun questions today, and some fascinating links for you to click on and mull over (click to read the exchange which "may" have started it all - or maybe not).

"Mean" isn’t quite "You’re So Vain" and I’m not quite Warren Beatty, not by a long shot. Then again, people thought the song was about Mick Jagger, when everybody on the inside knew that was wrong, hell, he even sang on it. And only insiders would know who I am.

So here I am giving Taylor Swift the publicity she desires. She won.

But she still can’t sing and isn’t it time to start acting like an adult? To cast off the high school persona and fly as a woman instead of darting around like a little girl? That’s what’s got everybody’s eyes rolling, her aw shucks/ohmygod! look when she strides onto the stage to earsplitting applause.

Taylor got to live out her adolescent fantasy. Can she now be a woman singing about womanly issues? -- Bob Lefsetz (click his name to read his entire post!)

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Tony Thomas, KMPS said...

Taylor Swift sings about...John Mayer?

Count on it.

And ouch, it's not a happy tale: