Monday, October 18, 2010

Mentoring & Inspiring Women (MIW) In Radio's 2011 Mildred Carter Mentoring Program

Officially launched in 2002, this outstanding program matches up-and-coming women in the radio industry with female professionals who are leaders in all aspects of radio.

A total of three candidates from the radio broadcasting industry will be selected for the 2011 program. Candidates from sales, programming, marketing and other related fields in radio broadcasting are encouraged to apply.

The current job level of the applicants should be no less than director or manager level, but can encompass all areas and departments of radio station operations or related fields.

Interested applicants must:

· have been in the radio industry for five years or more;
· agree to actively participate in the mentoring process;
· agree to total confidentiality during the mentoring program.

All candidates are required to submit a letter which addresses the question: “Why would I be a good mentee?” Please send it to Heidi Raphael no later than Friday, November 5th, 2010.

The three chosen mentees will be announced and begin the program in January 2011.

The program is named in the memory of Mildred Carter, who, along with her husband, Andrew "Skip" Carter, founded the first African American owned radio station in the U.S. in 1950, when they turned on KPRS Kansas City, Missouri. Mrs. Carter ran the Carter Broadcast Group for many years after the death of Skip Carter, before turning over control of the company to her grandson, Michael Carter in 1987.

The Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio group consists of top-level radio women across the country who are dedicated to using their influence and resources to help women in radio develop strong management and leadership skills. The MIWs are equally committed to advocating the advancement of women to senior positions in broadcasting.

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Geri Jarvis said...

Hi Jaye!

I'm prepared to be nailed to the cross for this comment, but here goes. DO YOUNG WOMEN IN RADIO NEED TO BE MENTORED least in such a formal way. After doing radio for 20+ years in morning radio, and serving on "womens panels" at Bootcamp as well as moderating womens panels....I've come to this conclusion.
Our peers (the guys) look at us as whiners or worse, How do I get more money? My co-host won't let me talk! To borrow a phrase..STOP THE MADNESS. In the meantime, ask those that put on these seminars toSTOP separating the men from the boys. You want what the guys have....get a backbone. Don't save it for a yearly convention. Grow a pair, and don't let them tell you what to do...c'mon! NEed help? E-mail me. I promise not to tell. Cheers! Geri Jarvis