Thursday, October 21, 2010

40+% Of Teens Do Not Have A Favorite Radio Station

Dave Van Dyke at Bridge Ratings has been tracking these things for many years and he's worried about our 12-to-21-year-olds, especially, as he reports today the percentage of all radio consumers that has a favorite radio station fell from 85% in 1998 to 72%.

Why might that be? Van Dyke has some recommendations on that too:

How well is terrestrial radio satisfying these needs?

According to Bridge's latest study, not very well.

  1. Only 24% of the sample were satisfied with the amount of lifestyle information catering to their lives that was offered by their favorite stations.

  2. While 79% were feeling good about radio's music information offered, there is room for improvement in the area of Twitter communication (59%),

  3. And...Instant message access to air personalities (52%)

  4. Yet, the most obvious opportunity for improvement for radio's listener engagement and revenue is building Exclusive Social Networks, or social neworks like Facebook or MySpace for just your station listener community. Only 15% of those responding felt radio was delivering on this front.


Frank Saxe - Inside Radio said...

“A short attention span syndrome is
contributing to consumers’ inability to stay focused on one medium. Unfortunately, traditional radio has much to lose because of this consumer behavior and as passion for technology increases, affinity or ‘favoriteness’ to radio is deflating.”

A panel of 3,822 persons 12-21 years of age was interviewed for the latest phase of Bridge Ratings ongoing study. The panel only included participants who spent at least 30 minutes a week consuming each of the following media: terrestrial radio, an MP3
player, internet radio, a cell phone and social networks.

Ken Dardis said...

Upper demos, meanwhile, appear to be trusting radio and TV more lately.

The area showing a substantial gain for traditional media came in the question "Considering sources of information available to you, which one of these do you trust the most?" In both 12-44 and 45+ age groups, Social Networks took a dramatic hit while TV and Radio shot up. (click the link to read the new study from AudioGraphics)