Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010: The Day I Agree With Glenn Beck

.. and that doesn't happen very often, as anyone who knows my politics is aware.

However, I have watched Glenn in action over the last quarter of a century from my perch on Bainbridge Island not far from his hometown and I greatly admire his courage and communication skills. Beck has a lot to teach anyone who wants to be successful in radio.

He ignored advice from colleagues and discussed private medical matters on his radio show Friday, telling listeners that his vocal chords were going into paralysis. Doctors haven't diagnosed his ailment.

"Think out loud, which is exactly what I did Friday," he told talk radio conference attendees over the weekend. "I took them on the journey."

He challenged broadcasters to do better than simply recycling “mundane” ideas, just because something worked well in the past: "Don't think, 'How can I be relatable today?' If you're afraid, tell 'em you're afraid. If you don't know, tell 'em you don't know." And don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong, he said. "That's not a flip-flop, that's being human."

Beck urged Talk radio personalities to “just be yourself” and told programmers, managers and talents in attendance to understand that “the world is looking for someone who is authentic.” Speaking to a full house at the Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel, Beck added, “A split is coming in America — that which is bogus and that which is real. When you are honest with yourself and your audience, the whole world changes."

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