Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Numbers That Shape Our Lives, 19 and 23

Country Aircheck this week performed a valuable service by printing the names and contact info of radio and music industry professionals who are currently "seeking employment" in the place in their weekly sheet where the airplay charts normally go. (click to enlarge the image)

With rumors of more cutbacks coming at radio, I feel bad for the unlucky 19 people who are looking for their next radio gig at the 2,024 country stations in the U.S. But, those 23 Nashville-based music industry have only a handful of labels to pitch future employment at.

My prescription: read "What Color Is Your Parachute" annually.

Yes, I have a good job and, yes, business is excellent for us right now, thank you, but no one can listen to today's economic news without singing at least a line from Alan Jay Lerner's "There But For You."

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