Thursday, December 18, 2008

Detroit Radio Makes Me Proud

This is the extra special time of year when radio and TV stations across North America (and the world) stuff buses with food, operate toy drives, support food banks, raise cash, “adopt” families for Christmas and employ other ingenious methods of raising millions of dollars for their communities.

For example Canada's Broadcast Dialogue reports this week that private broadcasters north of the 49th - according to the CAB - were responsible for pledges and PSAs valued at $314.5 million over the past year while time donated by station employees was more than 230,000 hours.

.. which no doubt means that the promotional calendars of the CBS Radio Cluster were already full, when in the last few weeks the future of America's big three hung in the balance, Detroit newspapers announced that they will cut back the number of print publications, research emerged that auto advertisers should cut back on TV and ramp up radio, Detroit Radio stepped up. Click on WYCD's web page and watch the video "Stand Up And Be Proud."

.. and, be proud.

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