Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Was All Set To Completely Ignore The Grammy Awards, But Then..

I just heard that KSON, San Diego, morning cohost Cliff Dumas has been chosen to voice the 2009 radio pre-Grammy special. Cliff will work to make something radio-friendly, I am confident.

.. Which is much-needed in the wake of Mike Henry, Bill Stakelin, Randy Kabrich and Bob Neil calls to pay no attention to the RIAA-sponsored record sales promotion event. As a former Radio And Music Awards (1999-2005) winner back when that was on air, I still lean their way in spite of the entreaties of Jerry Delcolliano.
Just ignore the upcoming Grammy Awards. Then, let’s check back with the Grammy broadcast in February to see if there is a different message about radio. If there is not, then radio should ignore the Grammy Awards for the following year. Radio should not acknowledge the Grammy Awards ever again, until the Grammy Awards broadcast acknowledges radio as the primary source for the discovery of music, which is universally understood as fact except to the over-eager Grammy copywriter. Here are the facts as they are known today: The plurality of people discover music on radio. Once they’ve discovered that music via radio, many of those same people download the music from the Internet…often without paying for it. - Mike Henry, Paragon Media Research

The R-M-W's were an attempt to get radio airplay the credit we deserve, spear-headed when Von Freeman was marketing director at KIIS, Los Angeles after an experience backstage at the Grammy Awards in 1998 when the #1 CHR station in the USA felt ignored (the KIIS website contains CMA Awards links but no news of any R-M-A plans for '09).

It is ironic that Canadian Dumas would be named to do the radio pre-Grammy special, since the Radio Music Awards concept continues in Canada to this day.

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