Thursday, November 27, 2008

“…And You Can QUOTE Me!”

Holland Cooke is a great role model for anyone who wants to write engagingly. Now, I know where he gets the skill. He's a quote-collector, and now he has started a blog for fellow-quote-lovers. In time, I'll bet there's a best-selling book in all of this, but for now, here's a great resource of profundity, fun and intelligence worth checking out.

A sample:

“Those other two guys flew here in their corporate jets. I just DROVE from Detroit to Washington…in a TOYOTA! And here’s what I learned…”

What-we-WISH-we-heard, from one of the humbled Big Three Automakers, when they appeared before Congress with tin cups. They’ll be back soon. Let’s see if any of ‘em figure it out by then. What would YOU like to hear…from anyone, anywhere?

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